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      • January Prayer Letter
        Dear friends...
        Welcome to Chiang Mai! Nathan and I arrived here safely Monday morning (8th Jan) after a long but pleasant flight from Heathrow to Bangkok and then a short flight to Chiang Mai. We have so far settled in well and were enjoying the busy life that accompanies living in the middle

      • The Poor Singer
        (or is that just an even poorer pun?)

        Nathan and I are settling back into life in Chiang Mai just now, having recently returned from about five days at the SIM C-SEA (Central & Southeast Asia) conference in Singapore...

        We arrived last Friday (19th January) and as the confe

      • December Prayer Letter
        Dear Friends,

        December could be described as a kind of no-mans-land of the SIM GAP programme. The 8 weeks of orientation is over and the great adventures yet to begin. These last few weeks have been a good time to relax and reflect on the past 8 weeks and prepare for the coming 6 months

      • The Blog
        Hi, welcome to my blog. Im Paul Zealey from Newbury, England. Im currently taking a gap year with SIM (Serving in Mission). After 2 months training in the UK last year I am now in Chiang Mai, Thailand, working with university students and sharing the good news of Jesus with them. I am here with my