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      • May Prayer Letter
        Dear Friends,

        As the rainy season has closed in on Chiang Mai our work has continued with the various encouragements and frustrations that each day brings. Chiang Mai has seemed a little more like home at times this month as we have often been welcomed to a day by drizzle and gloomy skies

      • Earthquake!
        Being English I'm not used to earthquakes so the fact that Chiang Mai was hit by a big earthquake last week is really quite exciting. Newspapers claim that it was 6.3 on the Rickter scale and its epicenter was just 260km from here. The funny thing, I didn't even feel it. As I sat in The Ce

      • More Exciting News

        Dear Friends,

        The Centre was an extremely excited place to be yesterday as we heard news that one of our students Jeep became a Christian. Jeep was only at The Centre for a couple months arriving around the same time as us and then leaving a few months ago. He is now living

      • Moogatar

        Moogatar has to be one of my favorite places to eat in Chiang Mai and my advice to any tourist would be to give it a go, it is certainly an experience. We ate there on Saturday night with a couple of students and some of the YWAM team we have been working with along with around 600 othe

      • New Friends

        People tell me that Gap years often change you as you experience new things and meet new people. While I know this to be true I didn't quite expect to change in this way. I have never been a great fan of any kind of animal but the worst were by far Dogs. Dogs have a habit of comin

      • A Simple Thai family with something very special
        This is a story that I helped P'Opal write last week and thought I might share it with you. P'Opal is the boss at The Centre and became a Christian about 3 years ago; ever since she has prayed earnestly for her family and here is the story. P'Opal writes:

        In October 2005 my

      • April Prayer Letter
        Dear Friends,

        April has been another month of ups and downs and a lot of travelling. It has been what we hope will be the warmest month of our time here and as the rains draw in we continue to enjoy ourselves working with the students at The Centre. Sometimes it has been hard to find the

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