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      • The last week!
        Well, we are here, our last few days in Thailand. At times it has felt like this time has been a while in coming at others it has felt like it is here far too soon. I have mixed emotions about returning home, while I'm excited to see everyone at home and enjoy some good mother's cooking, i

      • India

        As I mentioned, 2 weeks ago we trotted off to India for a bit of holiday before returning to Chiang Mai for a busy final 2 weeks. We were heading for a small town in the north of India called Mussoorie. Mussoorie is an extremely beautiful place, it is located in the foot hills of the H

      • Going to India
        Tomorrow we continue our travels around this vast continent of Asia as we head to India for a week. We will be traveling with friends from Chiang Mai to a small town in the north of India, at the foot of the Himalaya's. We have been told it is a very beautiful place and so I'm sure we will

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